A Few Ways to Increase Negative Ions

Negative Ions

There are many different ways to increase negative ions in a person’s daily life. Some people like to take a hike in the mountains or heavily forested areas. Others prefer to sit on a beach or by a waterfall to find negative ions.

There are some people who prefer the comfort of the indoors and find ways to bring negative ions to them. One of these ways is to add negative ions to the fluids they drink. Another way is to buy an ion generator, like an ionizer.

Salt crystal lamps are another huge hit with people wanting to increase negative ion in their homes. A salt crystal lamp is a specially designed light that is made from salt which has been crystallized over thousands of years.

Negative ions are released when the salt combines with the water from the air and heat from the lamp. Many fans of this method claim to feel relief from asthma attacks. They also believe it boosts their immune systems, increases alertness, and improved their concentration.

There are some people who prefer to invest in plants for their homes. Plants can clean the air by removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with fresh oxygen. The best choices of these plants are coconut palm, chrysanthemum, spider plant, or weeping fig.

With all the possibilities why not try a few, especially with data saying negative ions can help with one’s health.

Written by Sheena Robertson


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Top and Featured Image Courtesy of Adam Meek's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License

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