Alkaline Verses Negative Ion Water

Negatives ions

Before going in-depth about the differences between alkaline and negative ions water let us discuss a few chemistry terms. Alkalinity accesses the ability water has to neutralize acids. Alkaline water can have high alkalinity while only having a moderately alkaline pH balance.

Alkalinity and pH are not the same things. People want water with high alkalinity because it can neutralize the acidity in the body. This is especially beneficial if one suffers from health problems due to acidity.

When alkaline water is bottled it losses its antioxidant potential. This is due to the fact that alkaline water cannot hold its antioxidant capabilities. Due to this, it is advised to drink alkaline water soon after it is made.

Negatively ionized water undergoes a process in which hardening agents are removed. Many companies have worked hard to discover ways to increase the longevity of negative ions. Not many businesses have been able to keep negative ions stable enough to be shipped to private homes.

One company that has been able to prove that their system works is Real Water. Real Water sent their products to a third-party testing facility. The facility ran their product through a series of tests.

The end result was Real Water’s product does not lie. It is truthful in their statement that they have created a special technique to stabilize negative ions.

Many people have contested that negative ions are extremely beneficial to their health. Although some medical professionals remain on the fence as they search for concrete evidence.

There have been no negative side effects linked to the usage of negative ions. So why not give it a try and see if it can help with health issues that one may be experiencing.

Written by Sheena Robertson



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Image Courtesy of Mibby23's Flickr Page - Creative Commons License

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