Real Water 1-Liter Bottles (Case of 12)

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A case of twelve 1 liter bottles of Real Water®.

Take advantage of the $2.50 per case flat rate shipping option, or if you would like it sooner you can choose expedited service.

4 reviews for Real Water 1-Liter Bottles (Case of 12)

  1. Owen Thompson

    I used to drink the local spring water here in Tampa Bay called Zephyrhills. But after buying a case of Real Water and drinking it nonstop, I am unable to go back to regular spring water. I plan on repeatedly ordering your product because of my experience with it.

  2. Paula Lee

    This is the best water I’ve ever had!!
    It has really changed my life. Before I wouldn’t drink much water until I found this water I drink nothing but water all day everyday. It has given me the energy I need, it has helped keep my diabetes under control, as well as my blood pressure. I tell everyone about real alkaline water and it’s benefits!! I’m addicted and will never drink another water again!!! I will order this product each week and Thanks to you!!!!

  3. Judie

    Being very physically active I’ve had a very difficult time staying hydrated, which ultimately causes heart rate issues. I know this sounds crazy but since drinking this water my heart rate is stable. If it starts to get a little erratic I just drink this and it calms right back down. Amazing solution to a problem even doctors couldn’t solve.

  4. Tracy H

    I have never tasted water this clean before. Even my son was impressed by the taste saying “this tastes like it’s been filtered in diamonds” I originally got it at a local store but now I will be ordering it by the case online.

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