Real Water 16.9oz Bottles (Case of 24)

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A case of twenty-four 16.9 ounce bottles of Real Water®.

Take advantage of the $2.50 per case flat rate shipping option, or if you would like it sooner you can choose expedited service.

15 reviews for Real Water 16.9oz Bottles (Case of 24)

  1. Jamie Winters (verified owner)

    Best water ever!!!!

  2. Kacey White

    Best water ever! I was one who always reached for the cheapest bottled water on the shelf and thought people were crazy paying and extra dollar or sometimes more for premium water, but I think Real Water is better than any other water out there and best of all its priced below the premium bottled water brands.

  3. Kacey White

    This is the best water out there.

  4. Diane Hirsch

    Once I tried it, I was addicted! Great tasting water!

  5. Marlo V

    Best water I’ve ever had! My sons and I love it! And it’s challenging getting teens to drink a lot of water. Fresh, light and relish!


    I am amazed, every time I drink Real Water , I feel wonderful, Charged and ready to go ! Ride my mountain Bike, Run, Swim, Motocross Race or simply get healthy and Hyrdrated.

    Thank you Real Water for all you do !

    Todd L.

  7. Cynthia

    My daughter turned me on to this water and with her being a certified fitness trainer, I figured she knew what she was talking about. This stuff is great! It tastes so “clean and light”. It’s the best water i have tasted in…forever! Thanks, Nella, for the recommendation and Real Water for having the best tasting water around!

  8. Loni

    Thanks for making Voss water taste like the water from my bathroom sink!
    I have only found one store that carries this so I make the trek.
    Best water ever!

  9. Eunice Luna (verified owner)

    I was not a water drinker but now, i’m obsessed with this brand & got my kids hooked too! Never have I seen them reach for bottled water over juice or iced tea… I am crazy for this water.

  10. L Comp

    Absolutely, not a water drinker but there’s some thing about this water that I love. Thanks for making it… but now where do I find d it? Several big box stores are listed as carrying it in Southern California and Chicago but I’m having trouble finding a local retailer for my mother? Get on it guys, she loves it too.

  11. Shannon

    Love this water! ! It is the BEST I ever had. Bought out all the 1.5 lt. At the market. Thanks real water, the ONLY water I drink now!

  12. Jennifer

    Ive had all names of water and real water by far is my favorite! My local gas station sells it by the gallon i was so happy! Thank You

  13. Rosana Andrade

    This is the best water ever, I tried all other alkaline water, no one is like this, I’m addicted to this delicious, perfect alkaline water.

  14. Dan

    this is best water ever It is very very perfec deep negative water!!!!!

  15. Dan m

    Yes this is the best water out there. Forget Essentia and anything else because it’s not as good.

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