The Growing Popularity of Alkaline Water

alkaline water

As a Naturopath, Dr. Tony Jimenez was told water, sunshine, and cleansing to maintain health and prevent disease.

The water has to be microclustered, filtered, and alkaline. Avoid long-term use of alkaline water that has a pH over 9.0 or 9.5 because cancer cells adapt to a particular nutrition diet. For this reason, cancer patients are encouraged to switch up their diets often.

Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, however, flooding the body with alkalinity all the time is not a good idea. Five to six glasses of water throughout the day. It is better to sip the water slowly for good absorption.

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in nature and it decreases free radicals. However, putting hydrogen tablets in a plastic water bottle will cause it to dissociate quickly.

There is a product out of Japan that is small packets of hydrogen water. It decreases free radicals and increase telomere. There must be a balance in what is consumed. The alkaline should not be all the time but rotated with other diets and hydrogenated water.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has tips to make sure the water people consume is as clean as it can be. The only water people should drink is the water they make. Alkaline water can be made by adding baking soda, sea salt, and coral calcium powder to distilled or filtered water. Then add fresh lemon juice to the mix.

Superstars are jumping on the alkaline bandwagon. Tom Brady drinks it and according to The New York Times, Beyoncé is hooked on it. There are cycling studios on the east and west coast that cannot keep enough alkaline water on the shelves.

It seems that there is a never-ending quest to find the ultimate form of hydration. Alkaline water has emerged as “energizing” and “detoxifying.” Additionally, alkaline water is touted as a cure-all for illnesses and ailments that seem to afflict people who gather at yoga studios and juice bars, according to The New York Times.

The average American consumes a lot of high-acid foods. This include processed grains, alcohol, corn, coffee, meat, sodas, and fish. Water that has been alkalized with a pH of 8 to 10 can neutralize the acidic diets.

The purported benefits of alkalized water include superior hydration, reduced inflammation, detoxification, and increased energy.

As The New York Times reports, alkaline water is an attractive idea, especially when people are surrounded by things that feel corrosive, such as politics and gender relations. “Wash away your troubles with something as simple and plentiful as water.”

Alkalized water is not a new concept. Japan sold ionizers in the 1960s. It made a splash in pop culture in 2013. It was reported that Beyoncé’s concert rider, possible apocryphal, specified titanium straws so she could sip alkaline water.

As a sign of its growing popularity, Smartwater, a division of Coca-Cola, released an alkaline version is 2017.

By Jeanette Smith


The New York Times: Alkaline Water Makes a Big Splash

Image Courtesy of sasint's Pixabay Page - Creative Commons License


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